SUCK IT UP! Our next Exhibition ‘The Clean Machine Collective’ by Matt Jones & Niels de Jong


Exhibition Dates:

10th May – 30th June 2013

Opening party: Friday 10th May at 8PM


About the Clean Machine Collective (CMC):

The Clean Machine Collective is the combined character driven artwork from:

UK artist Matt JOnes aka Lunartik and Dutch artist Niels de Jong.

The CMC is focused towards spreading the “Good Word” of cleanliness through a variety of artistic mediums.

About the Artists:

Both artists came to Berlin in 2010 in search of freedom. Matt JOnes came from the England where his professions spanned between artist and designer but he’s predominantly known in the “Urban Toy Industry”. Niels de Jong an illustrator / Artist who hails from Holland, is best known for strange wonderful colorful creations. Both met in the Mutterland where their paths crossed for the first time at a workshop and from that day an extraordinarily brotherly bond formed and they began to share the same work space. After some time had passed they realised that they had a mutual “like” for cleanliness and a “dislike” for messiness. Keeping the studio space clean and tidy became a ritual like priority and the concept of cleaning up before you start and while you’re working spurred the idea for the working collective.

The studio nicknamed “The Clean Machine” was the base for both artists to focus on their own personal projects and for collective ideas. The studio continues today to be very clean.


Suck it up!

The CMC are riding into town on gigantic fictional vacuum cleaner! Yeah Ha! And they bring with them an exhibition of spanking new prints. During the opening of the exhibition the CMC will be liberating the locals by “Sucking up” their “Personal Worries” and bringing about a state of “Inner-peace & Harmony” through the medium of character art prints and ritual cleansing.

Exhibition Dates:

10th May – 30th June 2013


Sho BCN Gallery

Travessera de Gràcia, Nr 163

08012 Barcelona

Contact to:


http://www.thecleanmachinecollective. com



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