SUCK IT UP! Exhibition/ Exposición at/en Sho BCN Gallery -June 2013


Art Prints of 20 exclusive Limited edition.
Guest artists: Matt JOnes and Niels deJOng.
Location: Amsterdam, Uk, Berlin.
Prints are available at the store!
Sho BCN.
The Printing Process:

The Concept:
We start with a concept for the design on paper, then transfer the concept artwork onto a cut sheet of Lino using a special process developed by the CMC.Tool making /Cutting Lino:
Once the artwork is on the Lino we then start the cutting out process using a mixed bag of tools, we cut deep into the lino to avoid unwanted marks on our prints later on.
Once the lino is completed we can start the printing process.
The Lino acts like a master tool, once you have this you can print as many prints as you like.*1. Printing Set up:
We take a small sheet of glass and put it on the table, we apply some ink to the middle and by using a special roller we spread it evenly across the pain so it becomes a tacky thin layer.
The roller will get covered in a very thin layer of ink.
We take the “Inked roller”and then apply the ink to the Lino Cut.
Once the Lino is covered in ink we then place it into a wooden printing Jig which is used to help us create very accurate prints.
The Lino is now set, the Ink is face up and we are ready to print our first print.
2. Printing:
We take a cut sheet of square paper
We place the paper face down in the jig over the inked Lino.
Pressing down firmly on the paper allows the ink to transfer from the Lino to the paper.
Pressing down onto the paper with our hands and wooden spoons for about 3-5 minutes depending on complexity of the print.
Once finished, we then remove the paper from the inked Lino and set it aside to dry over night.



For more information contact to:


Travessera de Gràcia, Nr 163

twitter @shobcn



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